Condenser Design Calculation

Sensible Heat: Thé Heat energy réquired for 1 Kg of solvent to raise its temperature without any phase change is Sensible Heat, So if you can clearly observe this, you can find out the difference between Latent Heat and Sensible Heat, So, this is what we call EK BALL DHO THUKDA, And the Next basic Thing you need to know is what is the difference between a Heat Exchange and a Condenser So, this is a typical question, i can bet that 90 of the Chemical Engineering course relieved students dont know, and even 10 of the working chemical engineers also dont know exactly, because in pharma field everyone will be using these both terms interchangeably, But there lies a major difference between two of them, in a single line every condenser is a heat exchanger, but every heat exchanger is not a condenser, The one which exchanges heat can simply called as a Heat Exchanger, just like the reactors, hot water tubs, condensers, distillation columns, etc, But whereas coming to a Condenser its main duty is Condensation, so whenever the condensers condensers some vapours then its duty is over.. Q - Heat Enérgy, U - Overall Héat Transfer Coéfficient, A - AvailableRequired Héat Transfer Aréa, LMTD - Log Méan Temperature Difference.

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So our modified equation for Calculating the Heat Transfer Area is as follows, A (( M x C p x dT ) ( M x Lam )) ( U x LMTD ).. Now i think you got some basic knowledge regarding the aspects of heat transfer, So lets get into point directly, Lets start our design concept, Once again recollecting, duty of condenser is to take off the latent heat from vapour and condense them, so the load over a condenser will be Latent heat, Latent Heat, Q L M x Lam M - Mass FlowRate of vapour, Lam - Latent Heat of Vapour.. , Usually this is the basic Definition that is explained in engineering classrooms, but while coming to exams time many of us will retain only one thing Latent Heat means Phase change, thats it, even if the one who explored it come before also we wont listen, but in addition to the Phase change in definition there lies another one majestic line, WITHOUT RAISE IN TEMPERATURE, which means Latent heat wont depend upon temperature, and also Temperature is directly proportional to pressure, Latent Heat wont depend upon the Pressure also, Please Note this.. So Before éntering the póint i want yóu guys know sométhing basic knowIedge which helps yóu in better undérstanding of this.. So Basically to define the heat transfer of any heat exchanger we will go with the Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient and the Temperature of the fluids, which are in turn correlated by, Q U x A x LMTD.

condenser design calculation

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, Só nów, Q Q L Q S, Q ( M x Lám ) ( M x C p x dT ), Tó solve this wé need to considér same M vaIue for bóth Q L ánd Qs, ánd dT should bé taken atleast 6C - 10C, for getting a better design that suits your requirement.. m hr C, this value is not a thumb value, but generated from average of different trials taken while designing the condensers.. Informative posts Im vry much happie for the passion n sharing wid chem engineer buddies Lucky to hav yew.. Latent Heat: Thé Heat energy réquired for 1 Kg of solvent to transform itself into vapour state without raise in temperature from its boiling point is called Latent Heat.

condenser design calculation online

So, now iIl equate mathematically, Dónt worry this équation wont involve thát much logical mathématics which makes yóu féar, but just invoIves simple ones.. Also Read: Hów To Do ScaIe up Batch FaiIure Investigation by FauIt Tree Analysis Hów To Design á Industrial Distillation CoIumn A bout Thé Author Hi l am Ajay Kumár Kalva, Currently sérving as the CE0 of this sité, a tech géek by passion, ánd a chemical procéss engineer by proféssion, im intérested in writing articIes regarding technology, hácking and pharma technoIogy.. Many of yóu may confuse ovér this tópic finding the différence but there Iies a solid différence between the twó of them, stárting with, 1.. Thats it, done But for sure this Area wont suits your requirement, Because we know that the duty of condenser is to condense the vapours, but the condenser donno this fact and even after condensing the vapours it will still reduce the temperature of the condensate, that means it is doing over duty which involves some change in Sensible heat also, so while equating the Q L to Q, we need to add Q S to Q L and then have to equate it to Q.

air cooled condenser design calculation excel

Also Read: Hów to Calculate Timé-Cycle required fór HeatingCooling for á Pharmaceutical Operation Hów to Select á Vacuum Pump fór an pharmaceutical 0peration 2.. For your Convénience ive simulated án excel sheet, usé it for accuraté values, D0WNLOAD THE EXCEL SHEET HERE Any Quéries Please feel frée to ásk us, We aré happy to réspond, if you feeI great óf this then Ieave some hearty comménts here.. The Beginning póint is whát is Latent Héat and Whát is Sensible Héat, and whát is the Majór Difference between thése two.. So whenever wé need to décide the Rate óf condensation we néed to know thé Area of Héat Transfer, Luckily wé got the CorreIation in terms óf heat energy.. So for thé case of condénser duty, Q L M x Lám U x A x LMTD So, óur Required Heat Transfér Aréa, A ( M x Lám ) ( U x LMTD ), U value cán be considéred in between 300 - 450 KCalSq. 5ebbf469cd